Gilbertson Feed & Grain Aquires Cannon Falls Elevator


Gilbertson Feed & Grain Aquires P.H. Feely & Sons

August 22, 2007

NERSTRAND – Gilbertson Feed & Grain Inc. (GF&G) of Nerstrand has been approved as successor to P.H. Feely & Sons Inc. elevator in Farmington, MN. GF&G merged their three locations in Farmington, Nerstrand, and Randolph under one U.S. Warehouse Act licensed facility. Producers storing grain in the facility are eligible for a commodity loan through the Dakota/Washington County FSA office in Farmington, MN, and is approved by the Commodity Credit Corporation. The GF&G agreement is approved by the FSA Commodity office in Kansas City, MO., complying with the Uniform Grain and Rice Storage Agreement controlling the storage of government-owned grains.

Gilbertson Feed & Grain Aquires Nerstrand Agri Center

September 1, 2005

NERSTRAND – AGP of Omaha, NE recently announced the sale of Nerstrand Agri Center to Gilbertson Feed & Grain (GF&G) from AGP and will continue to operate as Nerstrand Agri Center. GF&G currently has two locations, one in Nerstrand and one in Randolph, MN.

AGP Purchases Nerstrand Agri Center

January 1, 1991

NERSTRAND – AGP of Omaha, NE recently announced the aquisition of Nerstrand Agri Center from International Multi Foods. and will continue to operate as Nerstrand Agri Center. Doug Gilbertson will continue as Plant Manager.

Despite Leaning Structure, Elevator Deemed Sound

July 19, 1990

RANDOLPH – Doug Gilbertson, owner of the Gilbertson Feed & Grain (GF&G) elevator in Randolph, received good news at a meeting with Randolph Mayor Michael Popp on Thurs., July 12. Gilbertson, Popp, and an engineer from the engineering firm of Bonestro, Rosene, Anderlik and Associates inspected the elevator, which is leaning significantly to the south. In a letter to both Gilbertson and Popp, the engineer proclaimed the structure sound. The inspection was prompted by recommendation from building inspector John Murphy and by inquiries from resident Vern Jones. Murphy had inspected the building three years ago and recommended that future inspections be made by a structural engineer. Gilbertson attributes the lean to a train derailment in the 1950’s, which hit the base of the structure. Thursday’s inspection determined that the lean is not hazardous. According to Popp, the inspector called the wooden structure “very forgiving”, meaning it changes slowly over time. The inspector went on to say that leaning is common among elevators and the biggest changes are in aesthetics, said Popp. The inspection found no cracks in the foundation, and the engineer believes the inner compartments of the elevator will adequately support the structure during windy weather. Gilbertson agreed that the many interior walls of the elevator provide good structural support in spite of its sagging appearance. The council plans to ask Murphy to calculate the angle of the elevator yearly to record any changes.

Nerstrand Agri Center has New Plant Manager

September 1, 1989

NERSTRAND – International Multi Foods (IMF) recently announced the appointment of Doug Gilbertson as Plant Manager of the Nerstrand Agri Center. Gilbertson Feed & Grain, owned by Gilbertson, also owns the Randolph Agri Center which is leased by IMF.

Nerstrand Agri Center Has New Corporate Owner

January 1, 1985

NERSTRAND – International Multi Foods recently announced the acquisition of the Nerstrand Agri Center. Jim Black is the Plant Manager. Ray Cleven and Neil Prescher, David Overland, and Bill Vesledahl preceded Black as Plant Manager.

Paul Tix of GTA in Randolph to Retire

March 1, 1983

RANDOLPH – Paul Tix, veteran employee of the Farmers Union GTA Elevator in Randolph, will soon become a retiree after 21 years serving this farming community. He began his career at the Hampton elevator, working there until it was destroyed by fire in 1962. He then transferred to the Randolph facility, marking a total of 35 years in the business. He officially turned over the reigns to Doug Gilbertson of Ellsworth, WI, on Tuesday, March 1. They have been working together this past week so Gilbertson can become familiar with the operation.

Gilbertson is residing in Ellsworth, but plans to move to the area as soon as he can find suitable housing. He has four years experience in agri-business, working at Deiss & Nugent Feed Company of Ellsworth, WI. He also attended Rosemount Vo-Tech for two years in their agri-business program.

Tix said that the elevator will continue as before, providing the same high quality service for handling grain, and supplying fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, and feed. The business has changed quite a bit over the years, he added. GTA has closed the elevators in Bellechester and Lonsdale. He states there is a trend to ship direct, meaning with bigger co-op farming, grains are being trucked directly to the grain terminals. There will always be a need for the local elevator, he said, but just on a smaller scale.

GTA, according to Tix, has been looking for a buyer for quite some time. GTA agreed not to sell until he had made up his mind to retire. He said he can’t give up working altogether and will be a part-time sales employee for Farmers Union Co-op Oil, located near his residence in Hampton.

Last Train Delivery to Nerstrand Agri Center

January 1, 1982

NERSTRAND – The Nerstrand Agri Center recently announced the last fertilizer delivery by train to the elevator. All incoming and outgoing fertilizer, chemical, and grain shipments are now made with trucks.

Vesledahl to Retire

May 31, 1979

NERSTRAND – After 43 years of service to the Nerstrand Elevator, Bill Vesledahl to retire on May 31, 1979 as Plant Manager.

Agri Center Builds Major Facility Addition

January 1, 1977

NERSTRAND – The Nerstrand Agri Center recently completed a new grain drying, handling, and storage facility with a capacity of 245,000 bushels. This increases the total grain storage to just over 600,000 bushels. Of interest is the fact the facility is constructed entirely of wooden 2×10s, 2×8s and 2×6s, which are laid flat and nailed in place. The building is 70 feet long, 44 feet wide and 140 feet in height.

Wooden elevators are becoming more scarce because of the cost of wood. However, in our area, they are better because of the moisture factor. It took 600,000 board feet, 7 tons of nails, and 26 railroad cars of lumber to complete the structure. Other additions at the elevator include storage bins for bulk feed and a liquid feed storage tank. Additions at the fertilizer plant include a floater sprayer and two liquid fertilizer storage tanks.

Nerstrand Agri provides area farmers with a dependable source of fertilizer, chemicals, feed and seed. Along with quality products, the elevator does custom fertilizer and chemical application, grinds and custom feed blends, and offers a complete program of soil and feed sampling and analysis.

Nerstrand Elevator Shows Substantial Gain

February 6, 1969

NERSTRAND – The Nerstrand Farmers Mercantile and Elevator Co. observed its 50th year of operation at the annual meeting of stockholders and patrons held at the Nerstrand school last Saturday afternoon.

Guest speakers for the occasion were Mr. John Alquist representing the Hubbard Milling Co.; Mr. Bob Fee for G.T.A.; Mr. Warren Liebenstein, Rice County Agent; Mr. David Redfield, representing the Nerstrand State Bank and Mr. Frank Callister, Kenyon Leader. Company officers announced $1.5 million in sales and $50,363.23 of net gains.

Officers and directors for the following year are: O. A. Osumdson, re-elected for another three-year term as president of the board, Alfred Severson, vice president; Luverne Hafemeyer, secretary – treasurer; Kenneth Bailey, Gary Hanson, Harold Wagner, Orven Hellerud are holdover directors. Harold Homeier and Elmer Covert, Jr., were both re-elected directors for three year terms. William Vesledahl is manager and Ethel Kostelnik is bookkeeper.

Harlan Bauer, Wendell Luknik, Elmer Bauer, F. H. Feldmann and Roger Hildebrandt each won door prizes. The Valley Grove Ladies Aid served lunch and Tex Coya and the Ranch Hands of rural Nerstrand provided music.

Council Approves Fertilizer Plant

January 27, 1969

NERSTRAND – The Nerstrand City Council held a special meeting on Monday, January 27 with the zoning board and the field representative of the Cominco American Fertilizer Company regarding a proposed fertilizer plant in Nerstrand. The Council voted to approve the fertilizer plant in Nerstrand.

Stockholders of the Nerstrand Farmers Mercantile and Elevator Company

January 21, 1959

Name: Shares: Name: Shares: Name: Shares: Name: Shares:
Amundson, Arnold 38 Anderson, Archie 2 Anderson, Mrs. Art 11 Anderson, Gerhard 1
Anderson, Gordon 1 Anderson, Roy 1 Anderson, Fred 1 Angelstad, Anna J. 1
Baalson, Herbert 2 Bailey, Kenneth 22 Bailey, E. O. 6 Bakken, A.K. 2
Bauer, Adolph 11 Bauer, Roy 3 Bauer, Albert C. 7 Bauer, Clarence 3
Bauer, Chas 5 Bauer, Chris 3 Bauer, Arnold 5 Bauer, Mrs. Nora 19
Bauer, Elmer 1 Bauer, Harlan 1 Bauer, Luverne M 5 Bauer, Paul J. 1
Bauer, Howard M. 6 Bauer, Wilford 2 Bauer, Herb 2 Bauernfeind, Burton W. 15
Bauernfeind, Wilmer 6 Bauernfeind, Merlin 8 Berntssen, Wm 13 Bickel, Ed 2
Blume, Willard 1 Boevers, Fred 15 Bollenbach, M. H. 40 Bonde, O. A. 16
Bonde, Harold 15 Bonde, Earl 15 Bornfleth, Leslie 17 Bongers, Martin 1
Bosshart, Alvin 20 Bosshardt, Reuben 1 Bosshardt, Merle 3 Bothu, Elmer 16
Braland, Albert 1 Braland, C. J. 1 Braaten, Herman 1 Braaten, Carl 1
Braaten, Joe 1 Broin, Geo 1 Broin, Olaf 10 Buan, E. R. 4
Buchta, Henry 21 Buchta, Lee 23 Buchta, Martin F. 2 Budde, Elmer 23
Budde, Herman 12 Budde, Walter 9 Bultman, H. O. W. 8 Bultman, Arnold 7
Bultman, Delbert 3 Bultman, Wilfred 1 Bultman, Leonard 10 Burmeister, Harold 1
Caron, A. H. 10 Caron, Art 1 Caron, Clifford 15 Caron, Cyril 8
Caron, Ferdinand 18 Chmelik, Herbert 2 Chmelik, James 6 Chmelik, R. J. 6
Christy, Clarence 2 Cieszinski, Ignatz 4 Covert, Ella D. 1 Covert, Elmer Jr. 10
Covert, Floyd 9 Covert, Homer 10 Currer, Robert 2 Cyr, A. R. 18
Dalbotten, Hannah 2 Decker, Art 1 Degen, Art 1 Deike, Donald 1
Deike, Franklin 8 Deike, Melvin 29 Delesha, Thomas 1 Deman, Henry 4
Deisen, O. 1 Dettmer, Gordon 1 Dierking, Melvin 38 Dierking, Walter 23
Dokken, Rudolph 5 Donkers, Martin 1 Downie, Jennie 4 Doyle, Eugene 2
Drentlaw, Leslie 4 Eastman, Dell 2 Eggum, Obert 5 Egge, Rev. A. 1
Egland, Art 2 Egtvedt, Clarence 1 Ellerbusch, Ben 3 Ellingboe, Arnold 1
Ellingboe, Anna 1 Ellingboe, John 1 Ellingboe, Erick 1 Elthon, Ben 2
Elzen, Henry 2 Engeseth, Elmer 5 Engeseth, I. H. 29 Engeseth, Mrs. John 1
Engeseth, Russell 10 Estrem, Leonard 1 Erickson, Arthur 8 Erickson, Lars 1
Falkenberg, Harold 4 Falkenberg, Ed 1 Feldman, Alois 21 Finseth, Allen E. 14
Finseth, Arthur O. 7 Fisher, Wm 1 Finnesgaard, Phillip 3 Finseth, Gertrude 4
Floran, John 7 Fleming, Geo 1 Flom, Gil 1 Flom, John 5
Flom, Joe 1 Flicek, Joseph 11 Fogelson, Clarence 18 Forster, Ted 1
Ford, William 1 Foss, H. 2 Foss, H. L. 4 Frank, Herb 3
Froman, Carroll 1 Gaasedelen, Florance 10 Gaasedelen, Ingram 9 Gaasedelan, Owen 1
Gaasedelen, Conrad 17 Gardner, L. D. 17 Garrity, Clarence 20 Garrity, Donald 1
Germundson, Sanford 1 Giefer, Joe 1 Glende, Ervin 5 Glor, Phillip 1
Glor, Rudolph 12 Gloe, Ray 1 Grinde, John 8 Griebel, W. H. 3
Graves, I. H. 9 Groff, Melvin 1 Grote, Donald 9 Gunhus, E. L. 1
Gunhus, Walter 2 Hachfeld, Martin 8 Haaland, Donald 22 Haaland, J. M. 6
Haag, Mrs. Geo M. 14 Harstad, Oscar 7 Hafemeyer, R. W. 40 Hafemeyer, Luverne 2
Halverson, Erick 2 Halverson, Henry 2 Hamann, Everett 1 Hannah, Neil 2
Hanson, Haaken 1 Hanson, Gary 1 Hanson, Gus 1 Hanson, Robert A. 1
Hanson, Robert L. 40 Hanson, Richard 1 Haugen, Arnold 1 Haugen, Donald 2
Haugen, Harry 1 Helberg, Anton 40 Heggedahl, Ole 22 Hellerud, Carl 14
Hellerud, J. M. 14 Hellerud, Orvan 18 Hellerud, Ove 22 Hellrud, O. H. 15
Henderson, Ingval 8 Hildebrandt, Art 14 Hildebrandt, Jerome 23 Hildebrandt, Alfred 1
Hildebrandt, Raymond 19 Hildebrandt, W. C. 5 Hildebrandt, Ed 13 Hillebrandt, Mahlon 2
Hildebrandt, Reuben 6 Hildebrandt, Roger 21 Hope, Carl or Milla 39 Hope, Norman 26
Homeier, Roger 30 Homiere, Harold 16 Howie, Raymond 1 Hougen, Robert 5
Hughes, Al 2 Ingram, Leon 12 Iverson, Carl 2 Jacobson, Eugene 4
Jacobson, Loyal 3 Jacobson, Melvin 6 Jacobson, Arthur 7 Jacobson, Joel 3
Jacobson, Jerome 2 Jacobson, Joseph 1 Jacobson, Howard 1 Jacobson, Myron 2
Jandro, Cyril 1 Jandro, Walter 1 Johnson, Burnie 16 Johnson, Holger 6
Johnson, Ed 1 Johnson, Marvin 4 Kalseth, J. E. 40 Kalseth, Lester 7
Kalseth, Ulysses 8 Kalow, W. J. 1 Karl, Andrew 4 Karl, Joseph 1
Kasa, Herman 1 Keller, Elmer 7 Keller, Arnold 8 Keller, W. H. 27
Kenney, Joe 1 Kenney, Mrs. Andrew 1 Kenney, Robert 1 Kern, Edmund 1
Kern, Lawrence 1 Kern, Ray 1 Kern, Nick 1 Kern, Richard 1
Kern, Sebastian 2 Kielmeyer, Melvin 12 Kietzman, Martin 1 Kiker, Terry 4
Kingsbury, Verne 29 King, Alva 1 Kispert, Donald 14 Kispert, James 22
Kispert, John or Marie 17 Kispert, Roy 20 Koester, Gilbert 1 Koester, Malcolm 1
Kitzman, Peter 1 Koester, Richard 3 Koester, Ralph 2 Koester, Walter 6
Knopf, Donald 3 Krueger, Donald 1 Krueger, Art 1 Kuhlman, Wm 5
Larson, Sophia 7 Larish, Tom 2 Lee, Raymond 9 Lehman, W. W. 1
Lewis, Harold 1 Lick, Carl 17 Lien, Orlando 1 Linnemann, Eitel F. 9
Linnemann, Myron H. 9 Lips, Alma 36 Lips, Myron E. 5 Lips, Myron C. 1
Lips, Elwood 11 Lips, Victor 2 Lyman, Verne 2 Lyman, Warren 32
Lockrem, Christ 10 Lucknic, Wendell 1 Luebke, Adolph 1 Luebke, Edmund 10
Luebke, Victor 10 Lyons, Carl 2 Manderfeld, Anthony 1 Mathies, Lyle 2
McGoon, Kenneth 3 McDonald, Francis 1 Meese, Elmer 25 Meyer, Harry 4
Meyer, Walter 8 Miller, Paul 1 Mills, Dareld 1 Mohn, Geo 2
Mollenhauer, Harvey 1 Morelan, John 2 Morelan, Robert 10 Mueller, August 14
Mueller, Wm 10 Mueller, Harold 2 Mueller, Lester 5 Murphy, Leonard 1
Musegades, Millard 2 Musegades, Herb 2 Musehl, Alvin 1 Musehl, Walter 25
Nauman, Glenn 5 Nauman, Bix 1 Nauman, Glenn or Bix 1 Nauman, Bros 5
Nelson, Norman 1 Neuman, Arthur 16 Neuman, Harland 1 Nesseth, Bennie 6
Nesseth, Oscar 7 Nesseth, Thomas 2 Odegaard, Ed 1 Odegaard, Torphin 4
Olstad, Calmer 26 Olson, Culver 2 Olson, John 13 Olson, Marvin 3
Ost, Joe 1 Ostenson, Gordon 1 Oppegard, Tilman 6 Osmundson, Mildred 10
Osmundson, Leonard M. 35 Osmundson, Osmund 34 Ovrebo, Lester 1 Paschke, A. J. 1
Perry, Walter Glenn 3 Petersmeyer, Roger 5 Petersmeyer, Mrs. Henry 20 Petersmeyer, Harold 16
Plaisance, Fred 4 Poels, Leo 7 Poch, Geo 3 Pribbernau, WM 6
Prieve, Ed 1 Purfeerst, Chas 3 Purfeerst, Clarence 1 Quamme, H. B. 14
Quie, Albert H. 5 Quie, Arthur 4 Quie, Albert K. 4 Radtke, Justice 16
Radtke, Isabelle 9 Radtke, Chas 30 Radtke, Victor 20 Rauk, Hans 40
Rauk, Raymond 40 Raskob, Andrew 2 Relyea, K. E. 1 Remme, Albert 3
Remme, Obert 1 Remme, Ole 13 Reuvers, Anthony M. 1 Reuvers, Peter 1
Robertson, John 1 Rodamaker, Loren 1 Rodamaker, Merle 1 Rockney, Carl 4
Rockney, Melvin 3 Routier, Wm 1 Rudningne, J. O. 7 Rustad, Mrs. Elsie 2
Sam, Emery 1 Sande, Herman 1 Sarter, W. 1 Schnobrikc, Wm 2
Scherer, Ray 2 Schrump, Art 1 Schultz, Ed 40 Schulz, Art A. 3
Schultz, Arthur C. 3 Schultz, Herb 11 Schultz, Richard 10 Schulz, Donald 2
Schumaker, Francis 3 Schwake, Harold 28 Schwake, Erwin 3 Schweisthal, Robert 3
Schrot, Clarence 1 Severson, Alfred 18 Shaske, Clifford 30 Shaske, Kenneth 3
Shaske, Frank 40 Starch, E. J. 21 Starch, Curtis 4 Starch, Lorrie 5
Sherwin, Milton 19 Simonson, Morris 2 Smith, Earl 1 Smith, L. B. 1
Solberg, Joe 1 Sommers, Everett 3 Sommers, Glen 1 Sommers, Frank 2
Sommers, Summer 6 Sommers, Herman 6 Skluzacek, Dan 1 Squire, H. W. 1
Stavnau, Gust 3 Steen, J. August 1 Stenbakken, Ed 7 Stenbakken, Carl 17
Stenbakken, H. C. 19 Stenbakken, Herman 9 Stenbakken, Russel A. 2 Stenbakken, Melvin 25
Stoos, Floyd 1 Stordahl, Jon 1 Stordahl, Malder 1 Story, Albert 3
Story, Lloyd 2 Strand, Torger C. 1 Swenson, Forest 1 Swintek, Tom 1
Swiggum, Peter J. 1 Tasa, Gilbert 1 Tasa, Albert 1 Tatge, Gilbert 14
Tatge, Orville 3 Teig, Tenner 9 Teig, S. B. 24 Thompson, Melvin 1
Tuttle, Alton 2 Underdahl, Carl 1 VanZuilen, L 1 VanZuilen, Phil 2
Velzke, Donald 1 Vesledahl, Albert 25 Vesledahl, John G. 24 Vesledahl, Sigvard 1
Vesledahl, Wilhelm 1 VonWald, A. L. 4 VonWaldk, Glenn 1 VonWald, H. C. 21
Voxland, Art 7 Voxland, Mrs. Sadie 2 Wagner, Harold 1 Wagner, Robert 2
Weatherstone, Mabel 10 Wegner, Chas 2 Wegner, Herbert A. 2 White, Donald 1
Wille, Harland 16 Wille, Donald 40 Wilde, H. B. 3 Wolf, Dewey 4
Wolf, Ervin P 17 Wolf, Woodrow 13 Wolf, Kermit 1 Wunderlich, Leonard 1
Zabel, John 1 Zabel, Leonard 1